I will create a script to export a data from Sample.Basic and import in Sample.BasicT (is the same outline)


Create LoadData.msh

Name: LoadData.msh
Purpose: Load Data
Created: Jul-09-2014
Author: Celvin Kattookaran
Usage: Maxl script launched from Essbase
Run-time prompts: 7
1 User
2 Password
3 Server
4 Application
5 Database
6 Data file
7 Rule file
Substitution variables: none

Modification History:
MMM-DD-YYYY - Name - description of modification */

/* Spool the results of Load Data process to a log file */

spool on to 'C:\HyperionScripts\Logs\MaxL\Load_Data.log';
set timestamp on;
iferror 'Finish';

/* login with username and password */

login $key $1 $key $2 on $3;
iferror 'Finish';

/* Load Data */
import database $4.$5 data from data_file $6 using server rules_file $7 on error write to 'E:\HyperionScripts\Logs\MaxL\DataLoad.err';

iferror 'Finish';

define label 'Finish';
spool off;

Create the public and private key

Run in Essbase Server

essmsh -gk

Will generate two keys

Public Key for Encryption: 27641,2008785764
Private Key for Decryption: 1519112201,2008785764

Then encrypt the username and password with the comand
esmsh -ep admin 27641,2008785764

Will generate the key: 81656511607325267361473989641049921896510514271342

esmsh -ep password 27641,2008785764

Will generate the key: 8448562280971503442048624798809918246475

Then create a calc to export and import data

DataExportLevel "LEVEL0";
DataExportRelationalFile ON;
DataExportOverwriteFile ON;

FIX ("100-10","New York","Actual","Sales");

DATAEXPORT "File" "," "E:\HyperionScripts\Data\NewYork.txt";

@CalcMgrExecuteEncryptMaxLFile("1519112201,2008785764","C:\HyperionScripts\MaxL\LoadData.msh",@List("81656511607325267361473989641049921896510514271342","8448562280971503442048624798809918246475", "Servidor1", "Sample","BasicT","'C:\HyperionScripts\Data\Export.txt'","Ld_Bas"),






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