Drillthrough HFM -> FDM: Error retrieving mapped target year recordset


If you are getting the error “Error retrieving mapped target year recordset” while trying to drillthrough frim HFM back to FDM, check in the FDM application schema if the two tables below are populated:

– tpovperiodadaptor

– tpovcategoryadaptor

If not, probably it was due to a migration or a upload not well finished of the control tables. In this case, you will need to fill it by yourself.

Please check which is the name of your adapter and update it and after run the script below:

insert into tpovperiodadaptor (periodkey, intsystemkey, periodtargetm,periodtargetq,periodtargety,periodtargetd,yeartarget)
select periodkey, /*Insert the name of your adapter here, like: */’FM11X-G6-C’, periodtargetm,periodtargetq,periodtargety,periodtargetd,yeartarget from tpovperiod

The same strategy works for the tpovcategoryadaptor, and you will just need to update the field names of the tables.


Igor Simoes.


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