Change the number of HRPrinter

To change a number of HRPrinter:

– Need the Financial Reporting Printer Service Configured
– Edit the file <FinancialReportingStudio>\products\financialreporting\bin\HRCreatePrinters.ini
– Change the parameter StopNum (default 5)
– Execute  <FinancialReportingStudio>\products\financialreporting\bin\HRCreatePrinters.exe

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2 Responses to Change the number of HRPrinter

  1. Robert Singleton says:

    I do not see this file for WHere did Oracle move this to? I need to increase the number of Printers to 16.

    • Robert Singleton says:

      Found it. I installed the Studio in the default ‘Program Files (x64) directory and not under the Middleware directory.

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