A 404 error is returned when users attempt to access any of the Web applications

  1. Create the following folder:
  2. User the windows regedit tools, and navigate to
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/
    to find the service entries in the registry
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/AnalyticProviderServices0/HyS9aps
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/CalcMgr0/HyS9CALC
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/EpmaDataSync0/HyS9EPMADataSynchronizer
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/EpmaWebReports0/HyS9EPMAWebTier
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/EssbaseAdminServices0/HyS9eas
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/FinancialReporting0/HyS0FRReports
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/FMWebServices0/HyS9FinancialManagementWebSvcs
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/FoundationServices0/HyS9FoundationServices
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/HpsAlerter0/HyS9HPSAlerter
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/HpsWebReports0/HyS9HPWebReports
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/Planning0/HyS9Planning
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/RaFramework0/HyS9RaFramework
    HKLM/Software/Hyperion Solutions/WebAnalysis0/HyS9WebAnalysis
  3. Set the value for the JVM option entries for “-Djava.io.tmpdir=” to the newly created temp directory. For example:
  4. Set the value for the JVM option entries for “-Dweblogic.j2ee.application.tmpDir=” to the following:
    MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/servers/ EPMSystem/servers/<serverName>/tmp
    Substitute <serverName> for the actual deployed server name such as CalcMgr0, EpmaDataSync0, etc.
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